Beijing North Star Company Limited (the “Company”) was established by its sole promoter, Beijing North Star Industrial Group Limited Liabilities Company on 2 April 1997. The shares of the Company were listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Hong Kong Stock Exchange”) in May in the same year. In October 2006, the Company’s A shares were issued and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The Company’s total registered capital is 3,367,020,000 shares, of which 2,660,000,000 shares (representing 79.002% of the total share capital) are A shares and 707,020,000 shares (representing 20.998% of the total share capital) are H shares.

The Company is principally engaged in development properties and investment properties (including hotels).

The development properties business mainly set foot in Beijing aiming to expand beyond Beijing. In recent years, as the Company continued to deepen the regional exploration and development in new cities, a multi-level nationwide development layout covering a number of regions is gradually taking shape. The development properties consist of the development and sales of residential units, apartments, villas, offices and commercial buildings of different classes and features. The development projects are spread in the key cities in 15 hot regions including Northern China, Central China, Eastern China and Southwest China, and there are 45 projects in the pipeline, under construction or for sale. Both the development scale and market share of the Company have been continuously enhanced.

Properties held and operated by the Company involve convention and exhibition, hotel, office and apartment, with a total gross floor area exceeding 1,270,000 m2 , out of which 1,200,000 m2  is in the Asian-Olympic core district in Beijing. Its operating items mainly include the National Convention Centre, Beijing International Convention Centre, InterContinental Beijing Beichen, North Star V-Continent Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel, Beijing Continental Grand Hotel, National Convention Centre Hotel, Hui Bin Offices, Hui Xin Offices, North Star Times Tower, North Star Century Center, Hui Yuan Apartment, etc. Projects outside Beijing include Intercontinental Changsha (長沙北辰洲際酒店).

While optimising and consolidating traditional properties held, the Company strengthened resources integration and exerted continued efforts on the expansion of new businesses and new technologies of exhibition industry relying on North Star Exhibition Group (北辰會展集團). In recent years, the brand operation and provision of management services for exhibitions and hotels saw significant achievements, and gradually formed a diversified service profit model with entrusted management as the core. At present, North Star Exhibition Group provides entrusted management for up to 34 exhibition and hotel projects, and the total area of the venues of the exhibition under entrusted management is 3.255 million square meters. As a result, it has become the largest exhibition brand enterprise in terms of the total area of venues under management in the PRC and the brand influence of “North Star Exhibition” has been continuously enhanced.

Adhering to the principle of maximizing shareholders’ profit and on a historic mission to “create property value, build a century’s foundation”, the Company continues its great effort to develop into a nationally leading integrated real estate enterprise and China’s most influential exhibition-brand enterprise.