The 2015 Annual Results of Beijing North Star

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Breakthroughs in low-cost expansion and brand expansion withnew heights made by diversified financing lead to constant improvements of Company's core competitiveness and sustainable development capability

Financial and Business Highlights

In the year of 2015, revenue of the Company was RMB7,185,973,000, up15.28% year on year.

Profits before tax reachedRMB1, 345,150,000

Profit attributable toowners of the companyamountedtoRMB 760,687,000

The after-tax core operating results of the principal businesses (excluding gains arising from the changes in fair value) was RMB743, 872,000, up 12.9% year on year

Gains arising from the changes in fair value of investment properties was RMB16, 815,000 (after tax)

Earnings per share was RMB0.2259

The sales area of North Star Delta project was 316,000 square meters; the contracted amounts were RMB3.11 billion, both of which ranked the first of Changsha commercial housing projects in 2015, and has become the sales champion among the real estate market in Changsha City for three years consecutively

Breaks through were made in low cost expansion and nationwide layout. In 2015, 12 new land parcels were added to its land reserves, reaching 2.11 million square meters

Brand expansion made constant achievement. The Company has successfully signed contracts for Hangzhou International Expo Center, which will be the main avenue of the hosting site of the G20, further showed the operating assurance capacity of North Star Events on reception and service for high-specification foreign and national affairs

Beijing North Star Exhibition Group was therefore established, making a significant step forward of the strategy of “low cost expansion, asset-light strategy, new economic support and high-end service industry development”, which becomesthe action for the Company to adapt to the new economic normal business planning and development of new normal and innovative pattern

(March 31, 2016- Hong Kong) Beijing North Star Company Limited (“Beijing North Star” or the “Company”) ( HKEx Stock Code 0588, SSE Stock Code: 601588) is pleased to announce the consolidated results of the Company for the year ended 31 December 2015.

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