The company successfully completed the security work of the municipal association

Time:2021-02-04 Source:BNS Author:Xiao Meng Views: Font:Large InSmall

During the CPPCC meeting, under the leadership of the company's safety leadership group and the general security team, the reception guarantee units worked closely and actively worked to successfully complete the safety protection work.

This year, the municipal association’s safety protection work has undergone many adjustments compared with the past. In order to implement the epidemic prevention and control and safety protection work, the company established a safety leadership group and formulated a safety protection work plan. Before the meeting, company leaders and the Safety Production and Security Department conducted multiple safety inspections on each unit. From January 4th to 5th, the company’s deputy general manager Liu Tie-Lin organized relevant personnel of the Safety Production and Security Department to conduct special safety inspections on each unit, listened to the report on the preparations for the conference reception safety guarantee, and inspected the fire-fighting facilities system and key parts of the computer room on site And other regional conditions. On January 12, the Safety Production and Security Department of the company organized a special meeting on the safety assurance work of the reception municipal associations to comprehensively sort out and deploy related work. Liu Tielin attended the meeting and put forward work requirements. All reception guarantee units carefully analyzed and studied, and formulated strict safety work plans.

During the conference, Wuzhou Conference Center, Wuzhou Crown International Hotel, and Apartment Company served as the members and staff residences respectively. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and safety assurance, fully enclosed and closed-loop management was adopted to strictly refine the safety of internal personnel and accommodation areas. Management measures, corresponding safety management systems, safety precautions and emergency response plans have been formulated. The office building company and the public company closed and controlled the special parking lot in advance according to the meeting guarantee requirements, and adjusted according to the actual requirements; the public company quickly organized emergency forces after receiving the instruction to remove the large environmental guardrail, and fought for 7 hours overnight to remove 434 guardrails totaling 1,658 meters. During important reception periods and important meetings, all security units and departments are led by leaders on-site, and relevant equipment and facilities related to reception security tasks, and various key parts have been strengthened and implemented on duty, operating procedures, safety prevention and control, and safety inspections. The deployment and requirements have effectively ensured the safe operation of facilities and equipment at the site and venue. During member registration, morning and evening rush hours, group trips of the conference, and city leaders’ attendance hours, the reception and security units were strictly deployed, the public company arranged early deployment and security forces, and the office building company and apartment company actively cooperated to ensure the safety of road traffic in the Asian Games Village. Smooth.

In addition, all units have strictly implemented the precautions such as post watchkeeping, fire inspection, order control, check-in on duty, equipment inspection and emergency response in the reception area and non-reception area.