Beijing·Pinggu World Leisure Conference was successfully held in Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center

Time:2021-05-14 Source:BNS Author: Views: Font:Large InSmall

Recently, the Beijing Pinggu World Leisure Conference was unveiled at the Pinggu Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. During this period, the Convention and Exhibition Center successfully completed the reception services for the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference, the main forum and other related activities, and demonstrated the brand strength with professionalism, which greatly enhanced the brand attraction and influence of the Convention and Exhibition Center and Beijing North Star Exhibition.

As the venue for the opening ceremony of the conference and the main forum, the Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is entrusted by the Exhibition Group, was put into trial operation on March 15 this year. The project has not passed the preparatory opening period, and entered the intense preparations for the reception of the conference. In the face of a series of challenges such as tight time, heavy tasks, high requirements, and high responsibilities, the operation team bravely took the lead and worked overtime to promote the orderly progress of various tasks. At the same time, in order to demonstrate the high-standard and high-standard meeting reception service level of Beijing North Star Exhibition, the operation team immediately requested professional team support from the exhibition group after the meeting agenda, attending leaders, and guests were determined.

In response to requests for support, the Convention and Exhibition Group deployed a total of 53 elite soldiers from the National Convention Center and Beijing International Convention Center. They were dispatched to the scene three days before the opening ceremony for professional service support. The 72-hour battle began immediately. This support team is mainly composed of catering services, banquet services and VIP concierge services. 70% of the team members are born in the 90s, and 8 members are even born in the 90s. Although the team is young, it has already experienced many battles. The team members have participated in the protection of many major events. The setting up of the main venue, VIP room, and video meeting room of the opening ceremony, concierge service, tea service, and banquet service are all provided by The service team handles it in one hand. Orderly command, precise positioning, and smooth rhythm like flowing water show the "North Star Standard, Service in China" to the world.

The conference was successfully concluded with the strong guarantee of the service team. The outstanding professionalism, rich experience, and meticulous and thoughtful service level of Beijing North Star Exhibition has won unanimous praise from government leaders at all levels, the host organization and the guests participating in the conference. In the future, the operation team of Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center will sum up experience, give full play to advantages, and innovate ideas to continuously improve the competitiveness of the Convention and Exhibition Center, so that all sectors of society will respond to the prospects of Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center.