"Beijing Service" added to the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum

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The 2023 Zhongguancun Forum will be held in Beijing from May 25 to 30. In this forum, the Beijing International Exhibition Center under BNS is responsible for the undertaking and operation of the Zhongguancun Forum exhibition (Science and Technology Fair), and undertakes the tasks of exhibition planning and design, investment and recruitment, on-site operation, and guest reception. National Convention Center Service Support Forum opening ceremony and plenary meeting, parallel forum, etc. The two companies added luster to the Zhongguancun Forum with their professional and efficient "Beijing service".

Beijing International Exhibition Center: Undertake and operate Zhongguancun Forum Exhibition (Science and Technology Fair)

The theme of this year's forum is "Open Cooperation · Sharing the future", with six sections: forum meeting, technology trading, exhibition, results release, frontier competition and supporting activities. The Zhongguancun Forum Exhibition operated by Beijing International Exhibition Center is one of the six major sections of the forum. The exhibition site showcases the latest technological progress and major achievements in the fields of cutting-edge technology and future industries, bringing wonderful experiences to the participants.

2023 Zhongguancun Forum Exhibition (Science and Technology Fair) set up six special exhibition areas, including cutting-edge technology and future industries, information technology and intelligent manufacturing, green double carbon, medicine and health, digital economy, regional innovation cooperation, with a total area of 27,000 square meters, a total of more than 700 exhibitors, as well as 27 provincial and regional exhibitions.

In the preparation process of the exhibition, the exhibition center adopts a four-level curator linkage mechanism of "undertaking, execution, home field and pavilion" to ensure the safe and stable development of the exhibition construction work. In terms of investment and recruitment, the exhibition center successfully recruited 27 provincial delegations to participate in the Zhongguancun Forum exhibition (Science and Technology Fair) this year. In the management of the exhibition hall, the exhibition center and the relevant units to strengthen communication and cooperation, to coordinate the construction of the exhibition hall, hardware facilities and service supporting, electricity security, vehicle waiting and driving routes, security screening, certificate production and issuance and other problems, and strive to provide exhibitors and visitors with high-quality services and convenient exhibition experience.

National Convention Center: Display "North Star Service" at Zhongguancun Forum

Since 2019, the National Convention Center has cooperated with the Zhongguancun Forum for five consecutive times. On May 13, 2023, the VIP service team of the National Convention Center once again docking the service guarantee task of the Zhongguancun Forum. This year is different from the past, this task covers the whole cycle of the conference and the whole process of service content. To this end, the National Convention Center responded quickly, and after successfully completing the service guarantee task of the China-Central Asia Summit, it was closely integrated into the service guarantee work of the Zhongguancun Forum. Under the leadership of the relevant leaders of the enterprise, the VIP service team was formed by 16 experienced business backbone of government affairs activities and services, and went to the venue for field survey at the first time. Break down and refine work items, sort out task difficulties, and formulate away service plans; Be on standby for many days, deploy work arrangements in advance, and cooperate with units at all levels to carry out live-action drills.

In the case of multiple activities in the National Convention Center venue at the same time, the service team has advanced layout and planning, and deployed a large number of existing furniture of the enterprise to ensure that the conference materials in the main venue can be in place and transported in time. According to the drill content, the service process and plan are optimized, and the service details such as concierge guidance and transfer page Turner are added. In addition, in order to maintain the air quality of the venue, the National Convention Center team, relying on years of experience in ensuring major events, deployed equipment such as purifiers, odor removal machines, electric heaters and blowers from enterprises overnight, and used the treatment method of "heating before air exchange" to achieve the optimal state of the air index on the site.

At the opening ceremony, the service team strives for perfection and accurately controls the best time point of service according to the progress of the meeting. In the site planning and layout, material preparation, personnel arrangement, transportation vehicles and other links, the service team adheres to the most professional service and the most rigorous working attitude to provide a comprehensive and refined service guarantee for Zhongguancun Forum, and strives to create a better quality service effect than before.