CCEES and Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events successfully hosted the 2nd International Events Economic Development Forum

Time:2023-09-11 Source:BNS Author:Zeng Yuwen Views: Font:Large InSmall
The China Convention/Exhibition/Event Society (CCEES) and the Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events successfully hosted the 2nd International Events Economic Development Forum on the morning of September 3rd, 2023, at the China National Convention Center. The theme of this forum was “New Developments in Service Trade, New Breakthroughs in Urban Events,” which discussed the important role of the convention and exhibition industry in urban, economic, and social development. This remarkable event witnessed the presence of over 500 prominent leaders, esteemed guests, and esteemed members of the news media. Dignitaries included government authorities, both domestic and international industry organizations, professional institutions, as well as distinguished events companies.

Chen Jian, a specially-appointed expert in the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Participatory Policy-making Talent Pool and former Deputy Minister of Commerce, attended the forum and delivered a formal speech. Also in attendance were Zhu Guangyao, a second-rank inspector of the Department of Service Trade and Commercial Services of the Ministry of Commerce, and Gu Xueming, a member of the 13th and 14th CPPCC National Committee and Dean of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC), Ministry of Commerce. Li Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events, along with Qu Weixi, Vice President of CAITEC, Ministry of Commerce, and President of CCEES, delivered their official speeches as well. Additionally, Xue Haitao, a second-rank inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, also gave a speech during the event.

Chen Jian emphasized in his speech the significance of the exhibition industry as an effective medium for promoting service trade and an open platform for fostering international collaboration. He highlighted that exhibitions play a vital role in comprehensively showcasing China’s Services while bolstering the brand reputation and corporate image of the Chinese service trade. Furthermore, exhibitions serve as a catalyst to promote China’s policy of embracing global integration, demonstrating achievements in service trade, expanding the scope of services, and attracting more trade opportunities. The service industry and service trade have become key priorities in China's ongoing efforts towards further opening up. Initiatives such as the CIFTIS exemplify the government's unwavering support for trade liberalization and economic globalization.

Li Weidong emphasized that Beijing North Star remains committed to prioritizing the development of the convention and exhibition sector, using the Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events as a platform to establish a world-class enterprise in this field. The completion of the second phase of China National Convention Center, a pivotal project within Beijing North Star's extensive investment portfolio, is an immense source of pride. It is with great honor that the Office of the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) in China will be situated within the prestigious confines of the second phase of the China National Convention Center. In line with its vision, Beijing North Star will collaborate closely with the Beijing Municipal Government to ensure the smooth and successful establishment of the Office of ICCA in China, simultaneously fostering international exchanges and fostering further collaboration.

Qu Weixi stated that CCEES has always been dedicated to promoting the integration of the convention and exhibition industry into national strategy, urban economic development, and industrial innovation upgrades, with the ultimate goal of making China a powerful nation in this field, in line with the mission of pursuing high-quality development in the current era. This year, particular attention will be given to standardization, the expansion of domestic demand to stimulate consumption, and the promotion of international trade.

Xue Haitao pointed out that Beijing's convention and exhibition industry is currently faced with a critical opportunity period for achieving high-quality development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Going forward, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce will steadfastly pursue the development directions of internationalization, branding, professionalization, marketization, informatization, and greening. In order to enhance the industry, they will swiftly advance infrastructure construction, optimize spatial layout, facilitate industrial integration, build Beijing's convention and exhibition brand, bolster talent cultivation efforts, improve the convention and exhibition promotion system mechanism, foster a favorable environment for convention and exhibition development, and augment Beijing's capacity to support the construction of the "four centers" through its convention and exhibition industry.

At the meeting, Gu Xueming, a member of the 13th and 14th CPPCC National Committee and Dean of CAITEC of the Ministry of Commerce, and Ren Xingzhou, former director of the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, delivered a keynote speech.

Chen Xianjin, the Honorary Chairman of UFI, Huang Huijuan, the Asia-Pacific Director of ICCA, Pan Xuesong, the Director of Chengdu Expo Bureau, and Zheng Zhisheng, the President of RX China, shared their insights on the latest industry trends and their experiences in urban convention and exhibition development. Industry experts from leading companies offered valuable perspectives on the topic of New Opportunities for International Cooperation during the Industry Recovery, fostering fruitful discussions and the exchange of ideas.

In the presence of esteemed participants, Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events has signed collaboration agreements with the Chengdu Expo Bureau, Cultural Product and Convention &Exhibition Bureau of Tianfu New Area at Sichuan, and the renowned GL Events Group from France. These partnerships aim to further enhance cooperation in various sectors of the domestic and international convention and exhibition industries. As per the agreement, Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events, Chengdu Expo Bureau, and Cultural Product and Convention &Exhibition Bureau of Tianfu New Area at Sichuan will engage in extensive collaboration across four key areas: brand exhibition activities, exhibitor move-in, convention exhibition research education training, and venue cooperation exchange. Moreover, Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events and the esteemed GL Events Group from France will deepen their cooperation in the fields of venue management and exhibition technical services. This collaboration will result in the establishment of North Star GL Events (Beijing) Venue Management Co., Ltd. and GL Events North Star (Beijing) Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. By leveraging the strengths of both parties, these enterprises will create internationally renowned venues and exhibition service firms.

The Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Beijing Municipal Bureau Commerce have jointly awarded Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events the opportunity to establish the Beijing Convention & Exhibition Vocational Innovation Development Center. This center aims to implement the Skillful China Action initiative, providing support in training Beijing’s convention and exhibition professionals and promoting the exchange of talents in this industry.

Since the 4th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services in 2016, CIFTIS has been actively selecting and showcasing service demonstration cases. This initiative aims to highlight the leading role. In a pioneering approach, this forum has carefully curated and presented a range of high-quality demonstration cases across various categories. A total of 18 high-quality cases were selected and released in five categories, namely, Demonstration Case - Convention & Exhibition City with High-Quality Development, Demonstration Case - Convention & Exhibition Service Innovation, Demonstration Case - Convention & Exhibition Industry Innovation, Demonstration Case - Convention & Exhibition Technology Innovation, and Demonstration Case - Convention & Exhibition Cooperation Innovation. Furthermore, the forum unveiled the highly anticipated China Exhibition Index Report, compiled by the esteemed North Star Convention & Exhibition Research Institute.