• 2019.12.24

    Professional and dedicated Dare to take responsibility

    From December 14th to 16th, the 2019 Youan Liver Disease and Infectious Disease Specialist Medical Alliance Annual Meeting and the 3rd China Consumer Chain Festival alternately opened. One is an old customer who has cooperated with enterprises for many years, and the other is a new customer who has cooperated with enterprises for the first time. For cross-entry and alternate opening, he was praised by the two organizers for his dedication and professionalism as a project manager. He is Liu Junting, the project manager of the sales department of Wuzhou Conference Center.

  • 2019.07.19

    Female Commander of "Beijing Service"——Yi Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive General Manager of the National Convention Center

    In the messy construction site, she shuttled to the front line to guide the construction of the venue; the empty pre-stage venue, she took the lead to sit on the ground, pondering the layout of the venue; before major events, she checked the service flow over and over again, and checked every place to be shown to the world "Chinese Service"...In a series of major state affairs activities held in my country in recent years, from the APEC Beijing Summit, Hangzhou G20 Summit, Xiamen BRICS Meeting, Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Summit, China-Africa Forum Beijing Summit, and this year, it will continue to guarantee for 40 days. The second “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum, the 2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, and the Beijing Fair are four major events. Behind the amazing “Beijing Service” presented by North Star Events, there is one figure of a female conductor.

  • 2019.05.15

    Li Xiaolin, worked in North Star Convention and Exhibition Investment Company, won the 2019 Capital Labor Medal

    A few days ago, the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions announced the 2019 Capital Labor Award and Medal and the results of the Beijing Worker Pioneer Number. Li Xiaolin, secretary of the board of directors and assistant to the general manager of North Star Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd., was awarded the Capital Labor Medal.