Registered in 2022, Beijing North Star Commercial Management Co.,Ltd. (referred to as “North Star Commercial Management”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing North Star Company Limited, which is mainly engaged in commercial real estate management.

North Star Commercial Management has integrated commercial real estate management companies such as office buildings and apartments of Beijing North Star Company Limited, and undertakes the operation and management of Beijing North Star Company Limited self owned commercial real estate. Currently, its products include diversified and multi-level types such as office buildings, apartments, and commercial properties, with a total area of approximately 799,000 square meters under management, including 428,300 square meters for office buildings, 125,400 square meters for hotel apartments, and 238,600 square meters for commercial property. In terms of office buildings, North Star Commercial Management will actively explore the intelligent buildings to improve comprehensive service capabilities, further realizing the interconnection of everything, and enhancing rental income and brand influence; As for hotel apartments, North Star Commercial Management will focus on building hotel apartments with smart service to expand market share and form a strong growth point; Concerning comprehensive business, North Star Commercial Management will accelerate the development of a diversified, multi-content, and unified commercial property management model by further integrating scattered commercial assets.