GUO ChuanExecutive Director, Deputy General Manager, the Secretary to the Board and the Chief Legal Advisor

GUO Chuan, born in 1968, is an executive director, a deputy general manager, the secretary to the Board and the chief legal advisor of the Company. Mr. GUO graduated from the Capital University of Economics and Business and the University of International Business and Economics with an LLB degree in economic law and an EMBA degree, and is a qualified lawyer.

Mr. GUO joined BNSIGC in 1991, and was consecutively deputy director and director of the Secretariat of the Board of the Company. In February 2004, Mr. GUO was appointed as secretary to the Board of the Company and was appointed as the chief legal advisor of the Company in July 2008. He has served as a deputy general manager of the Company since March 2017 and was elected as an executive director of the Company in May 2018. Mr. GUO has extensive experience in corporate governance, legal affairs, corporate branding and strategic management.