The company has achieved remarkable results in establishing water-saving enterprises

Time:2020-04-03 Source:BNS Author:Tang Shao-Zhou Views: Font:Large InSmall
Every year, March 22 is "World Water Day", and March 22 to March 28 is "China Water Week". This year, my country’s commemoration of the "World Water Day" and the launch of the "China Water Week" activities promoted the theme of "Adhere to the priority of water conservation and build happy rivers and lakes." As a municipal state-owned enterprise, the company has been adhering to the concept of sustainable development and actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, insisting on giving priority to water conservation, and continuing to build a water-saving enterprise, achieving remarkable results.

The total amount of water resources in my country ranks 6th in the world, with a per capita share of 2,240 cubic meters, ranking 88th among 153 countries in the World Bank statistics. The current situation of water resources in Beijing is particularly not optimistic. According to statistics, the per capita water resources in Beijing is 285 cubic meters, which is only one-seventh of the national average and one-thirtieth of the world average. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great importance to water conservancy work, and clearly put forward the water management thinking of "water saving priority, spatial balance, systematic governance, and both hands". In this context, water conservation is particularly important.

The company strictly controls the water consumption indicators of its subsidiaries every year, implements the indicator responsibility system, decomposes the responsibility to each enterprise, and conducts assessments based on the implementation of indicators. Vigorously publicize laws and regulations related to water conservation, establish contact with the Beijing Water Conservation Management Center, and invite industry experts to conduct training and lectures. Through the work of "creating water-saving enterprises", we will comprehensively sort out the water use conditions and the use of water indicators of various enterprises, and carry out work such as testing the "water balance" of the water use system. Since 2010, 8 companies, including the National Convention Center, Beijing North Star Intercontinental Hotel, office building company, apartment company, Wuzhou Conference Center, Wuzhou Crown International Hotel, and Utility company, have successively completed the "creation of water-saving enterprises". Work, won the "Creating Water-saving Enterprise" medal and bonus issued by Beijing Water Affairs Bureau.

As a service industry company, while vigorously promoting water-saving appliances, the company also vigorously promotes water-saving concepts in the process of soliciting tenants and holding exhibitions to guide customers to save water spontaneously. Companies have also come up with coups in terms of water conservation: the National Convention Center uses municipal reclaimed water on a large scale in toilets and greening areas, which not only saves water but also reduces water costs; apartment companies replace toilets and showers in more than 1,400 rooms Wuzhou Conference Center and Wuzhou Crown International Hotel have established their own water treatment systems to treat and reuse domestic water, with a utilization rate of 98%, which is close to full recycling; office building companies pass publicity The column carried out the promotion of water saving priority and guided customers to establish the concept of water saving; the public company established septic tanks at three sewage outlets, which provided strong support for municipal sewage treatment.

While performing daily operations, the company actively implements water-saving goals, shoulders its social responsibilities, and takes practical actions to promote the construction of a water-saving society, setting an example for the "water-saving action" of Beijing's service industry enterprises.