Beijing North Star Office Building Company participated in the Earth Hour charity event for 11 consecutive years

Time:2020-04-14 Source:BNS Author:Ma Yi-Li Views: Font:Large InSmall
Beijing North Star Office Building Company has participated in the "Earth Hour" charity event initiated by WWF World Wildlife Fund for eleven consecutive years. At 8:30 pm on March 28, the company is responsible for operating four projects North Star Times Building, Century Center, and Xin Building and Huibin Building, together with more than 180 countries and regions around the world, started the 2020 lights-out event.

The basic content of "Earth Hour" public welfare activities is to call on the general public, enterprises, governments and other publics to shut down unnecessary power-consuming facilities from 8:30 to 9:30 on the last Saturday of March every year, expressing that they can do what they can. At the same time, attention to climate change has been strengthened. In the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic raging around the world, "digitalization" has become a feature of this year's event, and it also highlights the importance of protecting nature. Donatella Bianchi, head of WWF Italy, said that this year is different from previous years because there is a lack of large-scale plaza events, but more people can participate in lights-out activities online by uploading pictures and videos on the Internet. She said that the key word for this year's "Earth Hour" is "together" and hopes that everyone can cope with the challenge together.

Environmental protection can ensure the sustainable development of human society, which is an important matter that needs to be adhered to by mankind for a long time. Office companies have been actively participating in the "Earth Hour" campaign since its first year in China. Whether it is the early poster promotion or inviting all the renting customers to take action together to pay attention to the global environment and environmental protection, the company has been committed to fulfilling its social obligations over the years. Actively participating in community cultural public welfare activities and realizing the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of society and the environment is an indispensable measure in the development of contemporary enterprises. Next, the company will continue to move forward on the path of environmental protection. While creating good performance, it will not forget to assume greater social responsibilities and environmental obligations, further consolidate the established good corporate image and enhance social reputation.