We are duty-bound to speak up for the earth

Time:2020-04-14 Source:BNS Author:Zhang An-Qi Views: Font:Large InSmall
From 20:30-21:30 on March 28, 2020, the 12th "Earth Hour" event will come as scheduled. As a state-owned enterprise in the capital with social responsibility, the National Convention Center participated as always, witnessing the world's largest environmental protection public welfare activity initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) with hundreds of millions of people around the world, and feeling the "lights out for an hour" together New vision and new insights brought about.

Turning off the exterior landscape lights and part of the indoor area lighting has become a regular action for the National Convention Center and the National Convention Center Hotel to respond to this event for 9 consecutive years. Unlike previous years, the sudden outbreak of new coronary pneumonia this year has made mankind more deeply aware of the importance of harmonious coexistence with all things in nature. In response to this special period, the company held an online "half-face cosplay", inviting employees and their families to draw favorite animals, natural scenery or any pictures related to ecological protection on the back of one hand, and cover half of the face. It forms a painting where man and nature live in harmony. The powerful impact of nature + human face and images helps to awaken people's awareness of protecting biodiversity in their hearts, making the protection of the earth far beyond "one hour."

Let the small family of mankind be happy and reunite, and let all things live in harmony. From "Symbiosis with Nature" in previous years to "Speak for the Earth" this year, although the theme of each year's event is different, the corporate social responsibility of the National Convention Center has always been consistent, and the development concept of green exhibitions has always been consistent. The whole world is one heart, let us make the strongest voice to the earth together: We are duty-bound to protect biodiversity!