The Office of the Capital Greening Committee investigates the greening of the Asian Games Village

Time:2020-04-29 Source:BNS Author:Zhang Gong Views: Font:Large InSmall
Recently, Lian Guozhao, deputy director of the Office of the Capital Greening Committee, led a team to conduct an on-site investigation of the greening of the Asian Games Village. Sun Dongfan, deputy general manager of the company and chairman of the North Star Events, participated in the survey.

During the investigation, Lian Guozhao and his entourage visited the iconic landscapes such as the small wetland in the central garden of the Asian Games Village and Deng Xiaoping’s hand-planted trees. The relevant personnel gave a detailed introduction to the greening situation in the Asian Games Village and the renovation of the central garden south garden. The Central Garden of the Asian Games Village covers an area of about 55,000 square meters. It is commendable to have such a large "green lung" in the city center with tall buildings. Especially after the improvement and transformation of the Nanyuan landscape, Beijing’s first small and micro wetland pilot project settled in it. The gurgling water and luxuriant plants not only further enriched the biodiversity of the region, but also increased the experience of tourists in the central garden. Unanimous praise from all walks of life.

Beijing North Star's series of measures for the "clear water and blue sky" of the capital have been highly praised by the Office of the Capital Greening Committee. In this on-site investigation, the company obtained professional guidance from the research team, laying a foundation for striving for a "garden-like unit". According to the plan, the company will also upgrade and transform the North Garden of the Central Garden this year. This is another measure taken by the company to implement the concept of green development and implement the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, which will further enhance the reception environment for regional government affairs in the Asian Games Village.