The company steadily promoted the precise assistance work in Chicheng County, Hebei Province

Time:2020-06-19 Source:BNS Author:Wang Fang Views: Font:Large InSmall
In order to actively implement the municipal SASAC’s decision and deployment on poverty alleviation, and vigorously promote the annual targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation tasks, on June 3, the company’s deputy general manager Liu Tielin led the company’s targeted assistance work team to Chicheng County, Hebei Province for counterpart assistance work Research docking. Zhao Hongge, deputy secretary of the Chicheng County Party Committee and county mayor, Wang Yuhui, deputy county mayor, and Cui Zhanbin, president of the Charity Federation, etc. investigated together.

During the docking work, the company's precise assistance working group and Chicheng County held a discussion on the centralized breeding project. Wang Yuhui, deputy magistrate of Chicheng County, expressed his sincere gratitude to Beijing North Star for conducting poverty alleviation research in Chicheng County and introduced the implementation progress of the centralized breeding project to be implemented in 2020. From 2019 to 2020, Chicheng County will, in strict accordance with the requirements of the Zhangjiakou Regulations on Prohibition of Grazing, transform from traditional aquaculture to modern aquaculture, and invest in the construction of 17 centralized breeding farms to achieve the purpose of protecting the ecology, rectifying the rural environment and driving poverty alleviation. In the future, through Beijing North Star's assistance to Chicheng County, all the farmers in the project village will truly enter the farm for centralized breeding, ensure that the farm is up and running, and minimize the operating and management costs of poor households.

At the meeting, Liu Tielin said that Beijing and Zhangjiakou are connected by mountains and rivers, and they have the same siblings. Doing a good job in the assistance work with Chicheng County is the in-depth implementation of the Party Central Committee’s major decision-making and deployment of the targeted poverty alleviation and the municipal government’s counterpart assistance work. Important measures required for deployment are Beichen’s responsibility and obligation. The Party Committee of Beijing North Star attaches great importance to counterpart assistance work. This year, Beijing North Star will further consolidate the counterpart assistance work in accordance with the actual needs of the centralized breeding project in Chicheng County, and contribute to the realization of Chicheng County farmers' poverty alleviation and help Chicheng's poverty alleviation on schedule.

After the meeting, the company's precise assistance working group inspected the construction of the centralized breeding farm project in Chicheng County.