The company donated 1.5 million yuan to the poverty alleviation project in Chicheng County

Time:2020-07-31 Source:BNS Author:Wang Fang Views: Font:Large InSmall
In order to fully implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Government on winning the fight against poverty and help rural revitalization, on June 24, the company donated 1.5 million yuan to the Chicheng County People’s Government in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province for public welfare to help the Chicheng County aquaculture industry development of. The injection of this assistance fund will directly help Chicheng County complete the annual poverty alleviation task ahead of schedule and achieve the goal.

After the outbreak of the new outbreak in Beijing, the company, under the premise of making every effort to prevent and control the epidemic, coordinated and promoted the poverty alleviation work, and insisted on completing the poverty alleviation task with high quality and comprehensive as scheduled. In order to ensure the orderly advancement of poverty alleviation work in other cities, the company's precise assistance work leading group is guided by the front, and the precise assistance working group conducts online interaction and exchanges with the heads of the Chicheng County People's Government, the Charity Association, and the Agricultural and Rural Bureau through informatization. , Realize remote negotiation. Through air connection, express mail, etc., signed the “Donation Agreement of Beichen Group to Help the Poverty Alleviation Project of Chicheng County, Hebei Province” with the Chicheng County People's Government and the head of the Chicheng County Charity Association.

Industrial poverty alleviation is not only an effective way to promote faster income growth for the poor, but also an important measure to consolidate long-term poverty alleviation results. From 2019 to 2020, Chicheng County will, in strict accordance with the requirements of the Regulations on Prohibition of Grazing in Zhangjiakou, transform from traditional aquaculture to modern aquaculture, invest in the construction of centralized breeding farms to protect the ecological environment.

Since 2019, the company has been actively practicing the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and has deployed out-of-town industrial poverty alleviation projects in accordance with the concept of “government-led, policy support, enterprise participation, and common development”, and has organically integrated the government, filed poor households, enterprises, and farmers Combine. Assist the government to promote the implementation of precision poverty alleviation projects, actively bear the operation and management fees that farmers need to pay for entering the farm, and help all farmers in the project village of Chicheng County enter the farm for centralized breeding to ensure the start of the farm. This move not only achieved the purpose of protecting the ecology and rectifying the rural environment, but also drove the local farmers to get rid of poverty and became rich. It laid the foundation for the realization of rural revitalization and injected a strong heart into Chicheng County's resolutely winning the battle against poverty. needle".

In the next step, the company will focus on the "three strategic actions", highlight the theme of "precise poverty alleviation", continue to strengthen strategic positioning, goal orientation, platform support, and technological innovation to promote rural revitalization, and make a decisive fight against poverty and a decisive victory in a well-off society. New and greater contributions.