Changsha Intercontinental Actively Carrying Out "Clear Your Plate" campaign

Time:2020-09-10 Source:BNS Author:Zhang Jun Views: Font:Large InSmall
In order to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jin Ping on stopping food waste, we advocate healthy, civilized and thrifty food consumption. According to the work requirements of the company, the Hunan Provincial Tourism Association and the Hunan Provincial Tourism Hotel Association, the hotel has actively carried out the operation of "striving to save and eliminate waste". In the cafeteria, guests are guided to take meals by self-service, and warm reminders of "Clear Your Plate, Rejection of Leftover Meals" are placed on each table. When guests dine, remind them to order an appropriate amount to avoid waste; when guests check out, remind guests to pack leftovers, so that the guests can take out the dishes. In response to the serious phenomenon of discarding and wasting free fruit baskets given to some guests by the hotel, the hotel replaced the fruit baskets with small bags of Hunan snacks. This measure not only effectively eliminates waste, but also promotes the sales of local agricultural products while guests taste the characteristics of Huxiang, helping local poverty alleviation work.

In addition, in order to urge employees to develop good dining habits, the hotel installs camera probes in the dining area of employees' restaurants to monitor and expose employees' wasteful behavior in real time, so as to form a strong internal supervision force of public opinion and establish a correct concept of saving.