Golden autumn Harvest Consumer Poverty Alleviation Company helps Baihutou Village to sell 25,000 catties of corn

Time:2020-09-22 Source:BNS Author:Wang Fang & Han Jia-Lin Views: Font:Large InSmall

Through the "One Enterprise, One Village" theme party day activity of "One Enterprise, One Village" to promote spring ploughing and help autumn harvest, the company's paired assistance of 80 mu of nearly 25,000 kilograms of corn in Baihutou Village, Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District, was helped by many companies under the company at market prices. Supporting purchases effectively alleviated the problem of unsalable corn in Baihutou Village.

Following the call of the company’s party committee, many of the company’s second-tier companies have taken action, from the National Convention Center, office building companies, Beichenya City, Land Corporation, apartment companies, public companies, convention and exhibition groups, Wuzhou Crown International Hotel, InterContinental Hotels, Large orders from the Real Estate Group and Wuzhou Conference Center came in, helping to sell 25,000 catties of corn products in Baihutou Village in just one week. The corn will be used for staff canteens, daily operations and staff condolences.

Since the paired assistance, the company’s party committee has fully taken into account the difficulties in spring ploughing and autumn harvest caused by the lack of labor and the inability to mechanize the arable land in Baihutou Village, and organized party organizations at all levels to go to Baihutou Village to carry out the "Income Increase" was built in pairs to help villages cultivate corn, grab harvests in autumn, and use party building to boost poverty alleviation. In May of this year, in order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on spring plowing production, the company's party organizations, cadres and employees at all levels went deep into the fields to help Baihutou villagers do a good job in spring plowing production, and promote poverty alleviation and income. Everyone worked hard in the fields, turning the soil, sowing and burying the seeds. The swinging hoe and the curved back constitute a harmonious farming picture. After a lapse of 4 months, the autumn harvest was fruitful. More than 300 party members from the company and the second-level units rushed to the fields in batches to carry out the "Autumn Harvest for Agriculture" and to share the joy of spring and autumn with the villagers in Baihutou.

Consumption poverty alleviation is connected to poor areas on one side and broad market on the other. It is an effective measure to alleviate the difficulty in selling poverty alleviation products and promote the sustainable development of poverty alleviation industries. Over the past three years, the company has focused on solving the problem of "difficult sales" of poverty alleviation products, insisted on targeted poverty alleviation, continued to innovate consumption poverty alleviation mechanisms, established direct procurement and supply relations for low-income products, and provided a strong guarantee for low-income people to "increasing income and getting rid of poverty". . Up to now, the company has purchased agricultural products such as corn and jujube collectively planted in Baihutou Village at market prices for three consecutive years. The amount of agricultural products sold has exceeded 100,000 catties, helping the village increase income by 662,500 yuan, and completing the annual reduction task of Baihutou Village ahead of schedule. , "One enterprise, one village" paired assistance work has achieved expected results.

2020 is the year of decisive victory in poverty alleviation. The company will turn the leadership of party building into the strongest driving force for poverty alleviation, turn the advantages of party building into the greatest advantage of poverty alleviation, and contribute the strength of state-owned enterprises to help build a well-off society in an all-round way.