Professional and dedicated Dare to take responsibility

Time:2019-12-24 Source:BNS Author:Zhang Xiao Views: Font:Large InSmall
From December 14th to 16th, the 2019 Youan Liver Disease and Infectious Disease Specialist Medical Alliance Annual Meeting and the 3rd China Consumer Chain Festival alternately opened. One is an old customer who has cooperated with enterprises for many years, and the other is a new customer who has cooperated with enterprises for the first time. For cross-entry and alternate opening, he was praised by the two organizers for his dedication and professionalism as a project manager. He is Liu Junting, the project manager of the sales department of Wuzhou Conference Center.

On the second day of the "Youan Liver Disease" conference, the third China Consumer Chain Festival opened as scheduled. As the first series of exhibition projects "settled" in the Wuzhou Conference Center, the company has won the favor of the organizer in the preliminary inspection session with its excellent reputation in the industry and Liu Junting's professional performance. Since the "Consumer Chain Festival" is held in Beijing for the first time, the organizer strives to expand its influence and increase its popularity. In the overall exhibition design, outdoor advertising is the top priority, which requires full communication with "Youan Liver Disease" and other conferences In order to achieve seamless convergence, it was not until the evening of the 15th that conflicts with other meetings were resolved and installed in place. Standing in the square of the Beijing International Conference Center, Liu Junting looked at his watch at 11 o’clock in the night. He finally breathed a sigh of relief after he hadn’t been home for two days. He could go home and sleep peacefully, but he didn’t expect that at 2 o’clock in the morning on the 16th. The phone rang quickly. After learning that there was a temporary problem with the outdoor advertising space and needed to be adjusted, Liu Junting rushed to the scene again from his home more than ten kilometers away. On the outdoor winter night of nearly minus 10 degrees, he contacted the relevant departments and ordered the construction. I have been busy for nearly 2 hours. When all the problems were resolved, it was almost 4:00 in the morning, and at this time Beijing ushered in the second snow. Although it was cold in the winter night, Liu Junting's heart was hot when he saw the red faces of the colleagues who were fighting around him, and that everything had been arranged less than 4 hours before the opening of the conference.

Three days and two nights, the two conferences were seamlessly connected, 400 rooms were rotated, two exhibitions were moved in and withdrawn at the same time, and 21 advertising spaces were set up overnight. Liu Junting paid hard work, embodied dedication, and the company gained praise. What is won is word of mouth.