Female Commander of "Beijing Service"——Yi Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive General Manager of the National Convention Center

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In the messy construction site, she shuttled to the front line to guide the construction of the venue; the empty pre-stage venue, she took the lead to sit on the ground, pondering the layout of the venue; before major events, she checked the service flow over and over again, and checked every place to be shown to the world "Chinese Service"...In a series of major state affairs activities held in my country in recent years, from the APEC Beijing Summit, Hangzhou G20 Summit, Xiamen BRICS Meeting, Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Summit, China-Africa Forum Beijing Summit, and this year, it will continue to guarantee for 40 days. The second “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum, the 2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, and the Beijing Fair are four major events. Behind the amazing “Beijing Service” presented by North Star Events, there is one figure of a female conductor.

    With short hair, round face, gentle and low-key, she is full of energy at work - she is Yi Lei, secretary of the party committee and executive general manager of the National Convention Center under the North Star Events. In many major events, the North Star Events can fight hard, The commander-in-chief of the scene who suffered hardship and took the lead.

Able to fight hard battles and prepare 4 major events in 40 days

In recent years, China's international status has been continuously improved and a series of home diplomatic events have been held. North Star Events seized the opportunity to serve the overall situation, and guaranteed a series of home diplomatic events with the highest standards, fastest speed, strictest style, and best service effects, and established the famous "Beijing Service" brand at home and abroad. This year's four major events are the top priority of Beijing's work throughout the year. Beijing North Star is proud to assume its mission and participate in them. This is not only an honor, but also a "big test".

Compared with the past, the four events this year have tighter schedules, heavier tasks and greater responsibilities. Although rich in experience, it is the first time for North Star to receive 4 major events with such high intensity and high density, and it is unprecedented in domestic exhibition venues. The four major events have their own characteristics. Among them, the second "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum is my country's most important home diplomatic event this year. There is no precedent for the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference. Both events were held at the National Convention Center.

In October 2018, after receiving the reception tasks for two events, North Star was ready to fight a tough battle. In accordance with the general goal of “safe operation is foolproof, the reception service is not leaking, and strive to add luster”, starting from the perspective of serving the overall situation of major countries’ diplomacy and capital work in the new era, Yi Lei leads the team to expand new ideas, try new models, and formulate in advance The guarantee system, based on the idea of "coordinating commonality and implementing individuality", simultaneously prepares two events. A leading group and 16 special working groups have been established, each performing its duties in an orderly manner.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the preparatory work for each major event, Yi Lei led the team to innovate and establish a flat working mechanism, through the shortest chain of command, to solve the problems encountered in the preparatory process more efficiently and directly. She also innovatively adopted the form of "mobile meeting". She often led the security team to carefully inspect every corner and solve the problem in the first line.

In February 2019, the North Star team was temporarily ordered to increase the related service guarantee tasks involved in the promotion of the VIP area at the opening ceremony of the Expo. The 3 events were prepared simultaneously, end to end. North Star used the power of the entire group to support the preparation of major events and service guarantees, and sent the experienced Yi Lei to lead 50 elite soldiers from 10 units to Yanqing to support the Expo Will service guarantee work. Under her command, the North Star guarantee team demonstrated the spirit of "calling, fighting, and winning". It took only 19 days to basically complete the preparations for all materials, service plans, and personnel. Achieve "one step in place". Cai Qi, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, highly affirmed the preparatory work of the North Star team during the site survey and evaluated it as "Beijing Service, North Star Speed".

After successfully completing the service guarantee mission for the Expo, Yi Lei led the team back to the National Convention Center. After having been busy for half a year, she did not dare to relax at all. With an "empty cup mentality", she once again participated in the home battle of the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference. While receiving the conference at home, the North Star team will also provide relevant VIP service guarantee for the "Asian Cultural Carnival" event. Faced with the complex situation of fatigue and cross-operations, Yi Lei set an example to overcome difficulties, and led more than 30 backbone teams from various units to go all out to complete a large number of preparations such as process optimization and service guarantee optimization. Become the best stage to bloom "North Star Standard".

"Go to the front" in a wheelchair

As a representative of "Beijing Service", North Star Events is not only good at "home battles", but also actively serves the diplomacy of major countries, sending teams to support major events outside Beijing on many occasions. As an experienced "veteran", Yi Lei was appointed by the group leadership to bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities in many "away games", and repeatedly "started from scratch and handed in full marks."

A hundred feet high platform, starting from the base soil. In the G20 Hangzhou Summit, Xiamen BRICS Summit, Qingdao SCO Summit and other activities guaranteed by North Star Service, it is often necessary to start at the stage of venue reconstruction and expansion. The North Star team must focus on the characteristics of different stages such as venue reconstruction and expansion, service preparations, drills, and activities. Do various tasks accordingly. Yi Lei took the lead in tackling tough tasks in a number of remote combat missions, leading the team to fight abroad for a long time. In June 2015, North Star Events and Hangzhou International Expo Center signed an entrusted management contract. One month later, Yi Lei led four team members to enter Hangzhou as an "advance team" to prepare for the G20 summit and the post-operation of the venue. Facing the three major problems of remote operations, new venues, and new teams, Yi Lei stabilized the military, led the team to recruit troops, establish rules and regulations, and invert the plan... From the construction of the venue to the service training, to the real-life exercise, we strictly grasp every service node. After more than one year of preparations, the G20 main venue support team won the first tough away game and laid a solid foundation for the later operation of the venue.

In the spring of 2018, Qingdao, with blue seas and blue sky, is about to usher in the SCO Qingdao Summit. In the main venue of the summit, people can always see a busy figure in a wheelchair-Yi Lei, the project executive commander, stayed up late into the early morning and accidentally fell and suffered a broken right foot. The guarantee tasks undertaken by North Star involve all aspects of meetings and catering. At this time, there is only more than a month before the opening of the summit. It is the period of intensive exercises, and there is no room for mistakes. Yi Lei declined the suggestion of the group leader to let her rest, went back to Beijing for a short time to ask the doctor to help with the new type of protective gear, and returned to the drill site in a wheelchair, walking the service stream over and over again to check the preparations. Everyone felt sorry for her. Everyone took the initiative to help her push where her wheelchair was transferred. The North Star team, the leaders of the owners who came to the transition, the group leaders who came to inspect the work, and even the cleaning aunt all took turns to push her to transition, and Yi Lei is still very moved when I think about it. After she could barely stand up, she threw down her wheelchair and limped across the front line of the stadium.

Until the opening of the summit in early June, Yi Lei threw away the protective gear and crutches, and bought two pairs of shoes to play in order not to affect the on-site service effect: one is 37 yards, the other is 38 yards, and the right foot that has not been fully recovered is big. One yard. In this way, she wore large shoes and one small shoe, led the North Star Events team of "Away Fighting", and at the same time instructed 4 venues and nearly a thousand service guarantee personnel, successfully completed the meeting reception and various service guarantee tasks, once again let The "Beijing Service" golden brand blooms perfectly.

The mission is glorious, she feels that the more she goes, the more timid she becomes

Long-term overseas operations, preparing to receive the G20 summit in Hangzhou for a year and a half, the Xiamen BRICS meeting has been an away game for more than a year, and the Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Summit is also working outside for 8 months. In recent years, Yi Lei has always been absent. Home. She is an only child. When her parents are older, they still fully support her work, always comforting her: "The task you undertake is important, and we are good." For fear of affecting Yi Lei's work, her parents dare not talk to her. Said, I only often learn about the progress of the activity from TV. Their focus on watching news is also different from that of other audiences. They are concerned about being in it, both proud and worried.

Although the "Beijing Service" displayed in front of the stage is impressive, but behind the scenes, the North Star team is also under tremendous pressure: there are countless material preparations and service details that must be paid attention to for every major event; the team represents the "image of China" "Beijing Service" is playing under the spotlight all over the world, serving heads of state at close range must be impeccable... As the commander-in-chief of the scene, Yi Lei is naturally also under pressure.

"Personally, I feel that the drier I get, the less timid." Yi Lei quipped. For North Star Events, which has a professional background, the service standard of 100 points is already the basic point that must be achieved now. In Yi Lei's view, participating in guaranteeing the diplomatic activities of major powers is the honor and mission of all North Star people, which should be cherished and the work must be done well. The service is endless, and she needs to be more refined. Her pressure is "do not advance or retreat".

Leading the team to set off through all obstacles, receiving praise and recognition from all parties, and then looking back at the difficulties encountered in the process of receiving meetings in the past, Yi Lei said freely that what is done is not difficult. She still remembers the first time she was dispatched to Hangzhou in the early stage. The stadium was under construction and the surrounding area was not built. She couldn't find a place to eat after get off work at night. The three of them walked for a long time and only bought the last burger in McDonald's --- now the stadium The surrounding area has been built into a vibrant new city. The exhibition is a bridge connecting economic and social benefits. During the preparation process, Yi Lei and the team have also witnessed the development and vitality of each city, which is very meaningful.

There is dedication, sacrifice, abandoning a small family, for the overall situation, Yi Lei's example, perseverance, moved and inspired the North Star team. Under her leadership, the experienced and courageous North Star team continues to demonstrate the outstanding professional ability and brand image of North Star Events. With the "first-class" "Beijing service", it has repeatedly demonstrated the image of Beijing state-owned enterprises in front of the world. , Demeanor of China as a big country, go all out to contribute to the construction of the capital's international exchange center.