Li Xiaolin, worked in North Star Convention and Exhibition Investment Company, won the 2019 Capital Labor Medal

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A few days ago, the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions announced the 2019 Capital Labor Award and Medal and the results of the Beijing Worker Pioneer Number. Li Xiaolin, secretary of the board of directors and assistant to the general manager of North Star Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd., was awarded the Capital Labor Medal.

Li Xiaolin joined the company after graduating from university in 2006. He has continued to learn and progress and grow rapidly in the front line of engineering construction. Joined the National Convention Center Phase II project team in 2017 and participated in the preliminary work of the project. Since working, Li Xiaolin has participated in the 2008 Olympic Media Village project construction, housing and land ownership management, PPP project management and other professional work in different professional fields. In different professional positions, he has continued to learn, assiduously, and with a spirit of continuous progress. Excellent results have been made in the fields of project management and preliminary construction, and have been unanimously recognized by leaders and colleagues at all levels of the company.

As the first key member to join the second phase of the National Convention Center project, Li Xiaolin played a key role in the smooth progress of the project. In 2018, after the establishment of North Star Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd., Li Xiaolin served as the company’s board secretary, general manager assistant, party branch discipline inspection committee, and concurrently as the head of the comprehensive preliminary department, in charge of the preliminary construction, corporate governance, administrative office, and human resources. The “white+black” and “5+2” working modes have been adopted, and they have carried one burden after another.

It is worth mentioning that since the second phase of the National Convention Center project crosses Datun North Road, there are subway entrances and exits of Line 15, underground ring tunnel vents and entrances and exits in the site. In order to realize the overall connection of the basement in the design plan, it must be All underground pipelines on Datun North Road were relocated. The relocation involves 9 municipal pipelines and 51 communication optical cables under the road, trees, street lights, signal lights, traffic signs, etc. on the road. Every relocation must go through the approval and construction procedures. In the face of complicated site conditions, cumbersome approval procedures, and no precedents to follow, Li Xiaolin took the initiative to ask for the guidance and reform of the underground pipeline on Datun North Road, and led the department colleagues to overcome difficulties and successfully completed according to the planned time. Completed all pipeline guidance and modification work, and won valuable time for on-site construction.

From the three or five people in the initial project team to the project company with nearly 40 people now, from a dream for many years to the construction site in full swing, looking back on the second phase of the National Convention Center project, Li Xiaolin has made efforts all the way. Under his influence, the exhibition investment company has formed a working spirit that is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of wind and waves, bold and careful, and willing to innovate. At present, the work of the second phase of the National Convention Center project is advancing rapidly at an unconventional speed and quality, creating a "North Star acceleration".