The National Convention Center successfully accommodates two high-level conferences

Time:2023-04-18 Source:BNS Author: Views: Font:Large InSmall
On April 11th, 2023 Alibaba Cloud Summit and China International Pipeline Conference and Technology Equipment and Achievements Exhibition were simultaneously launched at the National Convention Center. The National Convention Center has provided the best plan for the two conferences with careful coordination and careful service, which ensures the maximization of corporate profits and is highly praised by the organizers, thus achieving a win-win situation.

Both conferences are comprehensive projects of high specification and high profit, with a total of more than 7,000 participants, and important leaders in related fields are present, which is a challenge to the comprehensive service ability of venues. Enterprises attach great importance to the conference time, site coordination, entry and exit site construction and other issues repeatedly discussed, and strive to ensure the effect of the two conferences.

Since establishing contact with China National Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline Network Group Co., LTD., the organizer of the China International Pipeline Conference, in June 2020, the company has been actively communicating with the other side to dynamically understand the demand and carry out negotiations. After two contracts were signed during this period, the conference was cancelled due to the epidemic and other reasons. With the unremitting efforts of the team, China International Pipeline Conference and Technical Equipment and Achievements Exhibition was finally determined to be held in the National Convention Center from April 11 to 14 this year. It is worth mentioning that this time, the company successfully expanded from providing midstream services for the conference to providing services for the whole industry chain. In addition to good conference, exhibition, catering, accommodation and other services, the company innovated for the first time to increase the conference business segment, the overall income of nearly 5 million. It is reported that the organizer will hold the fifth China LNG Conference in the Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center next month, when the company will provide conference services.

The 2023 Ali Cloud Summit project sponsored by Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. has been conducting schedule site consultation since the end of February this year. The enterprise completed the business negotiation and contract signing in less than one month, ensuring the smooth opening of the conference. It is worth mentioning that in 2020, Alibaba (China) Limited signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the National Convention Center. Due to the good cooperation between the two parties, the two parties will renew the agreement this year, which will further consolidate the foundation of cooperation.